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Quotations about Habits

Good Habits are mentors, guardian angels, and servants that regulate your sleep, your work, your thought. ~Elbert Hubbard

The fact is, habit is the strongest thing in the world... ~Fanny Kemble (1809–1893)

We are ruled by our habits. When habits are young they are like lion-cubs, soft, fluffy, funny, frolicsome little animals. They grow day by day. Eventually they rule you. ~Elbert Hubbard, "Let Thrift Be Your Ruling Habit," Loyalty in Business and One and Twenty Other Good Things, 1921

Ill habits gather by unseen degrees,
As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas.
~John Dryden

There are things you've done that come back to haunt you — and things that haunt you that you're still doing. ~Robert Brault,

Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. ~Mark Twain

Habit.— The covering worn by the body or mind: in the former case hiding Nature, and in the latter revealing her. ~"Specimens of a Patent Pocket Dictionary, For the use of those who wish to understand the meaning of things as well as words," The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal, 1824

Nothing is so often irrevocably neglected as an opportunity of daily occurrence. ~Marie Dubsky, Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830–1916), translated by Mrs Annis Lee Wister, 1882

Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow. ~Yiddish proverb

A habit that will feel good later is hard to start now. ~Loretta Graziano Breuning, Habits of a Happy Brain, 2015,

If it weren't for my bad habits, I'd be an idle fellow! ~David J. Beard (1947–2016), tweet, 2010 February 22nd

Habits are the very dickens to change. ~Arnold Bennett (1867–1931)

But the unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to get out of than bad ones. ~W. Somerset Maugham

Habit might be described as a kind of moral friction — as something not allowing easy passage to the mind, but rather so binding it to things that to work loose from them is difficult. ~Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742–1799), translated by Norman Alliston, 1908

Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables. ~Spanish proverb

No monarch is so well obeyed as that whose name is Habit. ~James Lendall Basford (1845–1915), Sparks from the Philosopher's Stone, 1882

The simile of a path is convenient to illustrate the theory of the mind regarding habits. A certain sort of vibration is set in motion, starting in one particular area and ending in another. The next time it starts, the same beginning and end mark its course. The same vibration happens again and again, and with each additional characteristic of a path we have one that may be applied to a habit: a well-worn path becomes a rut, and whatever travels along the margin is bound to slip into the depression. ~Nathan Oppenheim, M.D., "The Bonds of Habit," Mental Growth and Control, 1901  [A little altered. "The well-worn path is the most likely to become a rut." ~Dr. Idel Dreimer —tεᖇᖇ¡·g]

In any family, measles are less contagious than bad habits. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1963

Habit is a cable. We weave a thread of it every day, and at last we cannot break it. ~Horace Mann

Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits. ~Mark Twain

If you don't watch out, putting on your unhappiness in the morning can become as instinctive as putting on your clothes. ~Robert Brault,

To have nothing the matter with you and no habits is pretty tame, pretty colorless. It is just the way a saint feels, I reckon; it is at least the way he looks. I never could stand a saint. ~Mark Twain

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