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Quotations about Hot Fudge
& Chocolate Sauce

Welcome to my page of quotations about hot fudge and chocolate sauce. In my teens I worked at McDonald's, and my favorite employee "meal" to order on break was french fries and a hot fudge sundae with nuts. Which is probably why I gained so much weight working there. Anyway, please enjoy the quotes!  —ღ Terri

Avoid any diet that discourages the use of hot fudge. ~Don Kardong

Always serve too much hot fudge sauce on hot fudge sundaes. It makes people overjoyed, and puts them in your debt. ~Judith Olney

When a teen-ager seems to be most spirituelle and otherworldly, gazing off into space with misty eyes and parted lips, the smart money says she is probably dreaming of a double fudge nut chocolate marshmallow sundae, garnished with whipped cream and those little chocolate sprills known to youthful gourmets as "bedbugs." ~Gerald Raftery, "Ambrosia — with Mayonnaise Yet!," in The New York Herald Tribune, 1961

Sue:  Thanks for taking me to get ice cream, Mom.
Frankie:  Fudge heals all wounds.
~The Middle, "Hecking It Up," 2012, written by Vijal Patel  [S3, E14]

Chocolate sundaes. They fill up those tall dishes with the ice cream, right? Then they pour the chocolate sauce over it. As soon as you try to dig your spoon into the ice cream, the chocolate runs over the side of the dish. That's the biggest problem we have to worry about in the world today. ~Charles Shulz, Peanuts, 1987  [Linus —tg]

First world problems: When the hot fudge on your sundae turns cold. ~Internet meme, c. 2017

Pour hot fudge very slowly and very carefully over the ice cream. If you put it on all at once, it does not have time to "fudge" — or "candy" — but all goes to the bottom of the dish. ~Jacques Fontaine, "Chocolate — an Acknowledged Leading Flavor at All Soda Fountains," in Confectioners Journal, 1923

They've got the fudge on the bottom. That enables you to control your fudge distribution while you are eating your ice cream. ~Seinfeld, "Airport," 1992, written by Larry Charles  [S4, E12, Jerry]

Mark:  "How about splitting a hot fudge sundae with me?"
Penny:  "I love hot fudge. How did you know?"
Mark:  "Everybody loves hot fudge..."
~Jean C. Joachim, His Leading Lady, 2014

Hot fudge is the fairy prince, a knight in chocolate armor — the happily ever after of ice cream. ~Terri Guillemets, "Waiting for Friday nights," 1991

Hot fudge is gravy for ice cream. ~Internet meme, c. 2013

I know of a number of fountain shops that have literally made a fortune out of hot fudge sundaes. ~Jacques Fontaine, "Chocolate — an Acknowledged Leading Flavor at All Soda Fountains," in Confectioners Journal, 1923

Walking through the Southgate Mall, I almost collided with another dieter in my program as she was coming out of Baskin-Robbins. She was licking a colossal ice cream cone topped with chocolate sprinkles, nuts, and a dollop of hot fudge. The hot fudge sauce had congealed, forming a thin coating of chocolate around the top and the sides of the cone. It looked as if she had bought all 31 flavors. ~James Coco, The James Coco Diet, 1985

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