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Quotations about Ice Cream!


Summer would not be summer without Ice-cream. Ice-cream is the favorite currency of love. ~"A Few Casual Remarks on Ice-Cream," Puck, 1881

And is there any better way to prove your burning love to a girl than to give her ice-cream...? ~Richard D. Ware, Westward, Ho!, 1894

Cortés on his lonely peak in Darién was a small-time discoverer compared to the child eating his first spoonful of ice-cream. There is the immediate frightened and angry rebellion against the coldness of it, and then the amazing sensation as the strange substance melts into magic of pleasant sweetness. The child will go on to high adventure, but I doubt whether the world holds for anyone more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream. ~Heywood Broun, "Holding a Baby," Seeing Things at Night, 1921  [a little altered —tg]

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. ~Don Kardong, unverified

Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone. ~Jim Fiebig, as quoted in The Reader's Digest, 1981

My tongue is smiling. ~Abigail Trillin, age 4, after eating chocolate ice cream, as quoted by her father Calvin Trillin, 1978

When a teen-ager seems to be most spirituelle and otherworldly, gazing off into space with misty eyes and parted lips, the smart money says she is probably dreaming of a double fudge nut chocolate marshmallow sundae, garnished with whipped cream and those little chocolate sprills known to youthful gourmets as "bedbugs." ~Gerald Raftery, "Ambrosia — with Mayonnaise Yet!," in The New York Herald Tribune, 1961

We've rattled along, hot and cold, for some time now, and my advice to you is not to inquire into why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate; that's my philosophy. ~Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth, 1942

...when you're dead, you're dead. And until then, there's ice cream. ~The Mentalist, "The Redshirt," 2011, written by Jordan Harper  [S4, E9, Patrick Jane]

Someone asked me the other day if I had my life to live over would I change anything. My answer was no, but then I thought about it and changed my mind... I would have eaten less cottage cheese and more ice cream. ~Erma Bombeck, 1979

FLATTERY is like ice-cream. We want it just a little at a time, and pretty often. ~Josh Billings (1818–1885), revised by H. Montague, 1913

...a ball of Ice Cream gooed with Chocolate and enveloped with Salted Nuts... ~George Ade (1866–1944)

Happiness is trying all 31 flavors… at once! ~Jim Davis ("Garfield"), c. 1997

Walking through the Southgate Mall, I almost collided with another dieter in my program as she was coming out of Baskin-Robbins. She was licking a colossal ice cream cone topped with chocolate sprinkles, nuts, and a dollop of hot fudge. The hot fudge sauce had congealed, forming a thin coating of chocolate around the top and the sides of the cone. It looked as if she had bought all 31 flavors. ~James Coco, The James Coco Diet, 1985

Ice cream cravings are not to be taken lightly. ~Betsy Cañas Garmon, tweet, 2008,

Ice cream — the great melter of all resolve. ~Dr. Idel Dreimer,

Yes, triumphant we still believe what once militant we maintained — that the only way to eat cake is when it is just out of the oven, that the only way to eat ice cream is to dip it out of the freezer, down under the apple tree, in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Afterward, when it appears in sober decorum, surrounded by all the appurtenances of civilization, it is a very commonplace affair; out under the apple tree it is ambrosia. ~Elisabeth Woodbridge, "On Taking One's Dessert First," 1912

Relationship status: ice cream for dinner ~Keith Wynn, @ravens_rhapsody, tweet, 2017

[T]o tell you the truth... I see that what counts most in the world is brains — brains and mushrooms. But, gee whiz, I like ice cream, too. ~Percy Keese Fitzhugh, Roy Blakeley: Lost, Strayed or Stolen, 1921

We dare not trust our wit for making our house pleasant to our friend, and so we buy ice-creams. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don't cry over spilt milk, but a fallen scoop of ice cream is enough to ruin my whole day. ~Terri Guillemets

Besides being a useful adjunct to courtship, Ice-cream is often employed to feed poets upon. ~"A Few Casual Remarks on Ice-Cream," Puck, 1881

Sometimes, eating a thick slice of chocolate fudge cake with ice cream makes you a better person. ~Dr. SunWolf, @WordWhispers, tweet, 2012,

Once when I was in Cookie Land
A-many miles away,
I went to take a sailing trip
Upon the Ice-Cream Bay...
~Abbie Farwell Brown, "An Adventure," A Pocketful of Posies, 1902

So first I ate the Custard Sea,
And next the Ice-Cream Bay;
Then on the sugar sand I crossed,—
It was the nicest way.
~Abbie Farwell Brown, "An Adventure," A Pocketful of Posies, 1902

Ice cream is happiness on a cone, with sprinkles. ~Terri Guillemets

Did you ever find some really old ice cream way back in your freezer all crusty and freezer burned? That stuff is gross, isn't it? At first. ~Sean Morey,

Scoops of mint ice cream with chips of chocolate cows. ~Jim Bishop, "On the English Countryside," NY Journal-American, 1957 September 28th, as quoted in Simpson's Contemporary Quotations compiled by James B. Simpson

Mint chocolate chip ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup. Perfect! That was just what she needed. A friend and a pint of mint chocolate chip. Life couldn't get any better. ~MacKenzie Reed, Haunting Melody, 2004

Chocolate sundaes. They fill up those tall dishes with the ice cream, right? Then they pour the chocolate sauce over it. As soon as you try to dig your spoon into the ice cream, the chocolate runs over the side of the dish. That's the biggest problem we have to worry about in the world today. ~Charles Shulz, Peanuts, 1987  [Linus —tg]

I like ice cream
with silly swirls,
hot fudge hope,
cherries of happiness,
whipped cream dreams,—
and eating it with
friends who are nuts.
~Terri Guillemets, "Spoonfuls of melting life," 2009

Or perhaps the son of our illustrious First Officer would prefer an Earth beverage: a glass of root beer with a lump of ice cream? ~Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Sons and Daughters," 1997, written by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle  [S6, E3]

Party in a mountain of all the colours of ice-cream! ~Terri Guillemets, "Ice cream rainbow," 2019, blackout poetry created from Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 1964

There's nothing wrong with me that a little ice cream won't fix. ~Author unknown

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